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Florida and Utah are the most sought after non-resident CCW permits in the nation because they are the most widely recognized with approximately 33 states reciprocating or recognizing each states permit.  In GAPPs CCW Application Course, we provide all services necessary to get a concealed carry permit in both UT and FL including the applications, envelopes, passport photos, finger prints (taken by a law enforcement officer), and certificates/stamps for each state. We also help you fill in the application so they are less likely to be returned.  All you need to do is write the checks and mail out the applications.  Please note we have a live fire portion included in this class as its necessary for a FL permit; don’t be dissuaded from signing up if you have limited experience shooting a handgun, we have experienced instructors to help improve every shooter ranging from beginner to expert. 

Here is a list of what you need to bring:

·       A safe, functioning, and legal handgun with 100 rounds of quality ammunition (rental firearms are available at Shooters Sporting Center in case you're waiting on a permit to purchase or want to try a new handgun)

·       A pen with black ink

·       A state issued photo ID 

·       Naturalization papers/passport for people born outside of the USA

·       Eye and ear protection

·       Lunch

·       A positive attitude

For more information on the CCW classes & to sign up for a CCW class offered at Shooters please go to: