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Cleaning Brushes & Patches

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Otis Bore Brushes
$11.49 - $309.99

You will find that the brushes produced by OTIS will give you many times the life of most brushes. This is due to the superior construction and engineered features incorporated into the brush, such as a precision thread with no weak undercut. These brushes have a Tufcor® proprietary core wire that… [more]

Southern Cotton Knit Cleaning Patches
$5.99 - $42.99

Packed in zip lock bag for easy storage and less chance of losing them. [more]

Tipton Bore Brush Sets

Bronze brushes are made from premium phosphor bronze for long life and cleaning power. The nylon brushes are made from a material that is unaffected by most modern solvents including copper solvent which can easily deteriorate a bronze brush. Rifle set contains 14 caliber specific brushes (17-45… [more]

KleenBore Bulk Cotton Patches
$13.99 - $30.99

Premium quality 100% cotton flannel provides maximum absorbency and bore protection. These patches are precision cut to ensure the proper fit and maximum cleaning performance when used in conjunction with our cleaning jags. These are bulk-packaged for high volume users. [more]

Tipton 12 Piece Jag Set

Solid brass cleaning jags are the fastest way to thoroughly clean, dry, or oil the bore. Each jag is designed to provide a tight fit between the patch and the bore. A pointed tip keeps the patch centered and allows it to drop off when the jag exits the muzzle. Made with 8-32 threads (17 caliber has… [more]

Butch's "Triple Twill" Patches
$19.49 - $20.99

These patches hold more liquid and remove fouling faster than ordinary cotton flannel patches. By chance, we discovered Triple Twill, a fabric used by laboratories and cleanrooms. Triple Twill's special weave has hundreds of tiny "ridges and drop zones" which scrub and capture fouling residues far… [more]

Tapco Ar Cleaning Stars

The AR15/M16 weapon requires clean chamber lugs to function properly. Attached to your standard bore brush, they quickly clean this often neglected area. [more]

Southern Cleaning Patches

Cotton knit. [more]

Southern Muzzleloading Patches

Cleaning patches - 225 per bag. . [more]

Hoppes No. 9 Treated Cleaning Patches
$8.99 - $14.99

These easy to use patches are treated with an oil blend. Contains 120 pre-treated patches and packaged in a resealable foil pouch. Use them in the final stage of gun cleaning to lubricate and condition the bore. [more]

Hoppes No. 9 Treated Cleaning Patches
$8.99 - $14.99

These easy to use patches are treated with an oil blend. Contains 120 pre-treated patches and packaged in a resealable foil pouch. Use them in the final stage of gun cleaning to lubricate and condition the bore. [more]

$4.99 - $13.99

Tynex® models will handle most cleaning jobs and built-in "memory" returns bristles to original shape. Tynex® allows unique scrubbing action for thorough cleaning. [more]

Birchwood Casey Gun Cleaning Patches

An American made product. Our patches feature a durable cross weave pattern that enhances the patches scrubbing power and is entirely lint free. The highly absorbent material holds more oil for better coverage and more solvent for those extra dirty clean up jobs. 41160 - 1-1/8" Square (.22 to .25… [more]

Gunslick Cotton Patches
$2.99 - $13.49

Effectively remove copper, lead and plastic. They also boast greater absorbency to aid in the transfer of solvents from bottle to barrel. [more]

KleenBore Chamber Mate Brush

Tapered, heavy-duty, phosphor bronze ChamberMate brush is specially designed to clean unburned powder, plastic particles and dirty lubricant from shotgun chambers, forcing cones and choke tubes. [more]

Otis Cleaning Patches
$9.59 - $12.99

The all-caliber cleaning patches are unique in that one patch cleans all firearms from .22 caliber to 12/10 gauge. Each patch is 100% cotton and can be used up to 6 times, offering 6 new clean surfaces. When attached to the slotted tip, they form a perfectly circular cleaning swab to allow for 360… [more]

Gunslick Military Rod Adaptors
$9.99 - $11.99

Attach the power of Gunslick® to your existing military cleaning rods. These phosphor bronze brushes are a perfect compliment to military issued tools and provide the same rugged cleaning that active outdoorsman have come to expect and appreciate. Military rod adaptor included. Military rod adaptor… [more]

Hoppes Gun Cleaning Patches
$2.39 - $11.99

Uniformly woven pre-cut patches. Ultra absorbent. [more]

Remington Premium Synthetic Patches

Bag of 200 premium synthetic patches. Unique fiber free die cut synthetic patches. 2-1/4 inch for use in .45-54 caliber muzzleloaders. For use with Remington MZL Bore Cleaner. Designed for even distribution across entire draw surface. Resists fraying. All product is 100% recyclable. [more]

Remington Muzzle Patch & Lube

100 count, 2-1/4 inch die cut fiber free synthetic muzzleloader patches, pre-treated in Rem Oil with MoistureGuard Lubricant and Corrosion Inhibitor. Convenient single use patch leaves thin long lasting film. Lubricant and corrosion inhibitor. Displaces non-visible moisture from metal pores. VCI… [more]

Birchwood Casey Bronze Bore Brush
$1.49 - $8.49

Birchwood Casey single pack bronze brushes are tough on removing copper, carbon and lead from firearm barrels. Thread size 8-32 and come in multiple caliber size. [more]

Birchwood Casey Gun Cleaning Brushes

Made in America, Birchwood Casey's Phosphor Bronze Gun Cleaning Brushes combine tough scrubbing power with features that protect your firearm, such as closed loop ends and highly flexible bristles. These brushes, combined with Birchwood Casey's Bore Scrubber®, will remove tough copper, lead, and… [more]

KleenBore Military Style Brushes
$4.09 - $8.19

223/5.56mm Bore Brush, #8-36 Military StyleBrushes Designed for M-16, AR-15, and similar rifles. Both the bore and chamber brushes have the core wire looped through a brass coupling, threaded #8-36. The bore brush will clean any .22, .223 and5.56mm. The chamber brush is configured with two brush… [more]

Hoppes Tornado Brushes
$3.49 - $7.19

The Tornado brush has a special spiral-wound design that's highly effective for cleaning bores. The stainless steel loops eliminate any bristle ends that could leave scratches, yet removes fouling without damaging bore. [more]

Outers Synthetic Patches
$4.99 - $6.99

Outers patches effectively remove copper, lead and plastic. They also aid in the transfer of solvents and oils from bottle to barrel. [more]

KleenBore Lead Away?

Chemically treated, 1 1/4" square patches wipe away carbon and lead build-up for easy, thorough cleaning of bores from .22 through .45 caliber. [more]

51 Results
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