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Shooters Range


To shoot in both ranges, one person in the group must have a Firearms ID card.

You will need to take a 15 minute safety course if it's your first time shooting here.

Outdoor Firearm Range

Indoor Firearm Range

- $20 per person per hour

- 150 yards

- Shotguns with slugs only

- No pistols

- Rifles (up to 50, not including 50)

- Closes at 4:30 pm

- Last shooters in at 3:30 pm

- Opened above 35-degree weather

- Check-in in the gun department before shooting

- No appointment needed

-No skeet shooting or steel targets, only paper targets

- 16 Lanes

Membership: $200 per year

- $20 per person per hour

- 25 yards

- Handguns and rifles only

- Nothing above 30-06

- No appointment needed

- Only members can reserve range times

- No steel case/steel core ammo

- Last shooters in an hour before closing

- 17 Lanes




Membership: $250 per year

Indoor & Outdoor Combined Membership: $425

All memberships include you, your spouse and any children under 18




Ladies night: Archery:

Every Tuesday night 4-8 for 1 hour (can be any time

after 4 - last shooters in a 7 pm)

50 rounds .22 long rifle (any larger caliber purchased


$40 includes: firearm, ammo, target, eye and ear

protection, and an instructor

Instructor will go over everything. If it's your first time shooting

here, you will need to take the safety course (about 15 minutes)

Men can do it as well, $40 plus ammo

To rent a firearm:

Must have a firearm ID card and must be with another person

$20 per hour for any firearms and $10 additional fee

to switch it out within the hour

Must use our ammo with our guns (varies in price

depending on caliber)

***$60 per person to schedule an appointment

with an instructor (firearms and ammo not included)

Lane rental: $15 per hour

1-year indoor membership: $150

1-year outdoor membership: $150

Indoor & Outdoor Combined Membership: $275

Lesson: $60 per hour

Cross Bow rental with 4 arrows: $15 per hour

Compound rental with 4 arrows: $10 per hour

Recurve rental with 4 arrows: $5 per hour


Mon-Fri: 9am - 8pm

Sat: 8am - 8pm

Sun: 8am - 6pm

1535 Route 539

Little Egg Harbor, NJ 08087

Phone: 609-296-4080